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April 27, 2012


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Name: Hecate Trivia

Age: 98 Earth Years

Profession: Class 2 Assassin, Class 2 Master Swordsman and Class 1 Master Sorceress of the Black Widows.
(Shadowy arm of the Sisterhood of Mystics)

Rank: Sister Minoris

Place of Origin:
• Sokka, 3rd Moon on Planet Lilax, Imperial Sectoris Lambda, 3rd Sol System, 5th of the 8 planet Sol System.
• Ran away from orphanage at the age of 5; almost died in the streets during frosty winters, very common to the indigenous people of Sokka.
• Rescued by a young pre-initiate Myra Polemis, who was under the tutelage and care of a Reverend Mother Helena Tatyana.
• Myra's concern was absolute and Reverend Mother Helena decided to rescue the child and bring her within the sisterhood fold.
• She wanted Myra to have a friend
• All sisters of the Sisterhood do not know their parentage and thus regard God Emperor as their Father.

Family Background:
• Orphan with no memory of parents
• Hecate Trivia, became a close friend and sister to Myra.
• Myra Polemis could probably be regarded as the closest thing to a sibling and Kimiko would be closest to a daughter.
• There is a possibility to trace her genetic make up to match one of the member within the Priesthood of Shamans.
• However, no further pursuit was made for political reasons.
• No known genetic siblings recorded or otherwise.

Other Pursuits:
• At the age of 9; she went into a coma which also caused her to lose her sight.  This was the beginning  of her metamorphosis to her psychic awakening.
• This spurred her impromptu entry into the Priesthood of Shamans to master her abilities and control it.  
• Without control her unintentional wild abilities could literally open a black hole.
• It was not long before she was seen as a natural in the art of Sorcery.
• Her blindness did not hinder her from becoming a Potentiate 1 Swordsman as an initiate.
• She loves sparring with Kimiko and Myra.
• Loves music and the arts; she paints and her favourite medium is water color.

General Characteristics:
• Generally calm under pressure
• She has a tendency to become empathic, which caused her to be somewhat ostracized.
• Extremely agile and efficient.
• Keen senses
• The Sisterhood insisted that ocular implants be used as a necessary tool. (The implants have a kill switch to which she is not privy to; though she was informed that it was to help her blend in; she knows the real reason.  She has not divulged this info to Myra; because Hecate too thinks it is necessary.)
• Kills with efficiency to ensure little or no pain; like most of those in the Sisterhood, believes that she has to repay the Sisterhood's kindness for sheltering an orphan like her and giving her purpose.

Physical Characteristics
• 1.59m in height
• Steel grayish eyes
• Oval face with african heritage
• Well toned flexible body
• White hair with highlights; her hair turned white the day she lost her sight.  It was her most miserable time and it was Myra's love who got her to learn to accept her gift and to be proud of it.

Moral Characteristics:
• Good
• Disciplined

Current Status:
• She has been tasked to board the Hyper Stellar; more than that, she has not been informed.

Past Actions:
• The Sisterhood maintains close links with the Shamans.
• She is one of the most naturally gifted though not the most powerful.  (Reason being, she is afraid to unleash her full potential as this will also ensure her loss of her own humanity; she does not want to turn into an oracle.)
• Her training and especially her love for her Sisters, helps her fight back the lure of pure power.
• Genetic manipulation caused many fellow sisters to be killed as her raw psychic power came to the fore.
• These deaths still haunt her.  Some of the other seniors in the sisterhood think of her as a walking time bomb and wanted her eliminated. Reverend Mother Helena gave them a reason not to (and so she was implanted with a kill switch.)

Talents and Abilities:
• Endowed with natural agility and athleticism, her post genetic manipulation greatly enhanced her abilities in all areas.
• Her Psychic Ability together with the Art of Sorcery makes her one not to cross with.
• Her favourite hand to hand weapon is the Katana that she herself forged with essence of Magik.
• Telekinesis, Empath, Mindblast, Truthsayer, Elemental Abilities.
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luvserenity000 Apr 29, 2012  Student Writer
this is great it helps a lot with some of the questions I had. Thanks so much its really great.
AOGRAI Apr 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you milady, so tell me how your day has been?
luvserenity000 Apr 30, 2012  Student Writer
Its been ok
My mom woke me up at like 8 am and I went to sleep late the night before because i was sleeping at my friends and I'm not a morning person! I spent the day with my grandma and running errands...oh and of course doing homework!
AOGRAI Apr 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well that's good right?
luvserenity000 May 1, 2012  Student Writer
yah of course!
AOGRAI May 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
luvserenity000 May 2, 2012  Student Writer
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