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April 24, 2012


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Name: Kimiko Aurora

Age: 28 Earth Years

Profession: Class 4 Assassin; Potentia 1(highest classification amongst acolytes) Swordsman of the Black Widows
(Shadowy arm of the Sisterhood of Mystics)

Rank: Acolyte

Place of Origin:

• Planet Sikoree, Imperial Sectoris Rho, 3rd Sol System, 5th of the 10 planets Sol System
• Orphaned at age of 4; was brought up in the polluted streets of Goushan
• Caught by then a young Sister Minoris Myra Polemis, when snooping in to steal food in the Sisterhood's Cloister at the age of 8.
• Even then had managed to cripple local guards and dodge acolytes in the pantry
• Gifted with good reflexes and movement, the Sisterhood took notice of her raw talent and huge potential
• All sisters of the Sisterhood do not know their parentage and thus regard God Emperor as their Father

Family Background:

• Orphan with no memory of parentage
• Hecate Trivia, took special interest in her training and is the closest to a mother daughter relationship
• No known siblings.
• Raised under the tutelage of Myra, Hecate and the Sisterhood

Other Pursuits:

• At the age of 10 was sent to the House of Shadows.
• There she was initiated in the subtleties of stealth and trained in all manner of assassination and espionage techniques
• Underwent Sisterhood's treatment and survived- ie Genetic Manipulation to enhance strength, speed, all 6 senses and agility.
• There she found that she had potential for mastering swordsmanship.
• She is a Potentia 1 in swordmanship.  She favors her 2 Sai like daggers and the katana for close combat.
• Her telepathic abilities is still in its primary stage and not fully developed

General Characteristics:

• Calm under pressure
• Quick reaction time
• Extremely agile and efficient
• Kills with efficiency and without qualm;
• She fanatically believes that she has to repay the Sisterhood's kindness for sheltering an orphan like her and giving her purpose.
• Only flaw may be her attachment to Sister Hecate; but that humanises her

Physical Characteristics
• 1.6m in height
• Hazel eyes
• Petite
• Oval face with oriental heritage
• Well toned flexible body
• Short braided bleached blond hair

Moral Characteristics:

• Good-Chaotic
• Disciplined

Current Status:

• Recent encounter with former Sister Lorna Pan Felice, thought to be deceased, has left her questioning herself; Doubts have been implanted
• She has not reported her encounter with a fellow Sikoreean - Lorna Pan Felice (now working for a Senator)
• Inherently still believes in the Sisterhood Of Mystics

Past Actions:

• Child of Sikoree are inherently gifted in the art of stealth and death.
• The Sisterhood's, Black Widows, maintain a Nunnery there for this precise reason of picking new recruit.
• Out of the 10 chosen, she is one of the 2 who were finally inducted to the sisterhood.

Talents and Abilities:

• Endowed with natural agility and athleticism, her post genetic manipulation greatly enhanced her abilities
• Class 4 Assassin; Potentia 1 Swordsman and Close Quarter Combat Skills
• She is due to advance to Senior Acolyte.  One of the youngest to do so.
• She also plays a Goushan Long Flute
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MiniDisaster Apr 24, 2012
love the profile carn't wait to see more XD
AOGRAI Apr 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Next on the agenda is Hecate's profile. Will be out tonight. Err that will be approx your afternoonish!
MiniDisaster Apr 24, 2012
hee yeah its about 1:00 am right now
AOGRAI Apr 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Get some sleep luv
MiniDisaster Apr 25, 2012
AOGRAI Apr 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
HAR HAR HAR... opps (whisperin) sorrreee.
MiniDisaster Apr 26, 2012
it ok I am now awake XD
AOGRAI Apr 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah! Look out tomo onwards will start releasin Part 1 of me story.
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AOGRAI Apr 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanx and I got one more profile to do - Hecate's.
But that will be another day. where is ur movie by the way, link pls?
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